SneakAttackPosterMedBe it 1861, 1941 or 2001, death and chaos ruled each moment behind which lay years of hate driven planning.  Militant attacks from within and without.  Complete surprise, each one.

Russia’s little 1905, then suddenly, her October, 1917 total eruption.  Unforseen?  One hundred years of Communism in the making.

1933, The Third Reich, a savior, political religion, tyranny and terror overnight?  Socialism fused with Marxism and Fascism 60 years in the making, with Soviet Communism thrown in all over Europe.  Go figure.

Fast forward to 2008, a savior of false light arises from the unknown.  Under the chaos of its Alinskyation the founding documents of the greatest nation on earth smolder and struggle to keep from falling into the ash heap of history.  Like walking dead, a sea of disciples with acid drooling plastic smiles, plunder ever onward toward the darkness of the savior’s cold light.  Branded permanently on their foreheads glows a politically religious mantra:  HATE – IGNORANCE – RUIN. 

Predictably, these zombies blunder on, incapable of discerning the destructiveness of the words ever burning in their brows.  Nor is it revealed in any glassy reflection they may pass by, for, in Utopia mirrors all lie.  Their acid droolings dissolve everything in their paths, everything that is, except Sworn Enemy Truth.  For in the presence of the Standard of Truth such brain dead automatons dry up leaving only glued on grins in a continued attempt to deceive.  Still, puppeted propensities propel them to do anything to serve the angel.  It’s an evil movement that has been, for more than 130 years, slithering right into America’s back yard and out of perverted educational sewers.

As in 1861, 1917, and 1933, America finds itself in the crosshairs of envy and madness, equal in danger to those past times.  Her 1861 internal strife flew from the same struggle she fights today, a tug-o-war between corrupt state and corrupt overbearing federal government.  In 1861 they pulled on a rope soaked with southern Democrat racism.  Today the rope is soaked in a blended brew of racism, Marxism and Sharia.  As today’s racists hold hands with Marxists and Islamic Terrorists, together they quest to nullify constitutional states’ rights using the tool of overbearing government and false religion.  It is a movement poisoned by a deceptive national altruism that premeditatedly hides the words branded in their foreheads from those who would be ignorant of Truth.  Instead, halos are projected above their imaginations, a morally self-aggrandizing ring of ersatz democracy, a justifying political religious morality that blesses and forgives the use of any means to fundamentally change America.  Such a belief system is a lie.  It is imperialistic power and wealth for a tiny political elite.  For the massive millions left, both citizens and illegals, the 100%, it is a blinged up collective salvation and non-representative democracy that is nothing more than the old slavery of 1861.  In the savior’s own words it is promised to be a fine slavery “for all Americans.”

Knowing Truth Is Power, notice how the savior has avoided defining what “fundamentally changing America” means?  Truth knows such change is a threat that has no definition.  It took only a few short years and months for, Lenin, Hitler, and Mao, using their idiot minions and lies to enslave, imprison, and euthanize millions.  Truth was shoved into the shadows.  Likewise, could it be there is much truth hidden in the shadows cast by thousands of pages of confusion called the #21NewTaxesUnaffordableLessCareAct?  As light is cast on it, truth seekers are beginning to see what they have always suspected.  Is it not an acid dripping monstrosity loaded with attacks on liberty?  Rammed through by the holy deceitful mother’s Congress on Christmas Eve, it is a very un-green lump of coal that is stuck in the throats of 70% of the nation.  As to the jubilant 30% who remain, pity and fear their fanaticism.  They may dangerously ignorant if authorized to behave thus by powers that be.  These are the kind of people who will pull a lever without thinking, just because they were told to do so by a human being they willingly worship.  They are a herd that relishes bad things.

“Oh, George,” rings in my ears, “that will never happen in America.”  That’s what willingly blind middle class Russians thought right up until the evening of Lenin’s take over.  Most German’s, with the world, didn’t see Hitler’s atrocities coming either.  They had a racist savior to trust explicitly while the rest of the world closed its eyes.  They had a savior who used division and hate, slick propaganda, infiltration of all groups, fear, racism, blame, militancy, fraud, lies, oratory, secularized Christianity, crony capitalism, violence, occupancy, hatred of bankers and stock brokers, extreme regulation, control over industry, and total centralized federal government.  

Years ago when my company programmed a medical records software product for a federal agency, they wanted to include SS#s in each patient’s database record.  At that time, SS cards had the words “Not for identification” printed on them.  Not wanting to break the law I expressed concern about potential illegal use and future abuse.  The government's reply?  “Don’t worry.  Each patient will have a unique ID.  The SS# is only for tax purposes (no healthcare/IRS connection existed yet).  And besides, SS#s can’t be abused and will never be used for identification.”  Hello.  Ever hear of identity theft?  Every try to blow your nose without giving out your SS#?  Under the #21NewTaxesUnaffordableLessCareAct we are now, against our wills, conjoined at the hip of the federal collective.  A government apron string is now securely tied to every waist and the potential for abuse has only gone up a thousand fold.  Foisted upon us all in the middle of the night, forced on all (except Congress) during our most beloved family holiday, Marxist Progressives successfully launched the perfect Sneak Attack! 

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Walt Disney, Hollywood’s Dark Prince by Marc Eliot 1993, Carol Publishing Group ISBN 1-55972-174-X.  The author reveals the real Walt Disney the company doesn't want you to know.  His phobic behavior is examined and his 25 year association with J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI as a Special Agent in charge of rooting out Communists, subversives, and Jews.  Reading this book shouldn't destroy your love for Mickey and all things Disney created.  It is one author’s documented look at a regular human being.

Goodbye Darkness, A Memoir of the Pacific War by William Manchester, 1979, Little, Brown and Company ISBN 0-316-54501-5.

Be ye a war hawk, dove, pacifist, or protester, the authors first hand experience shatters the myth that if we live up to our noble ideals, if we are fair and kind and good, our enemies will act with reason.  This pacifist author reveals how in the first battle he had no choice but to become an animal.  A compelling book from beginning to end.  You won't be able to put it down.


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